Regardless of the decorations, venue and guest list, a successful party will be heavily influenced on the quality of food distributed to the guests. This is because at any party the guests expect tasty delicacies there; if your guests are not happy with what they are being served, you are regarded as a bad planner. This article can help you realise all aspects of a successful party, with the right corporate catering in Herefordshire or any other type.

Catering is what makes the party more enjoyable, helping the guests while they chill with there drinks, gossip and dance. It may not always be a cheap affair, but if its done with a bit of thought, it gives assurances that your party will be loved by everyone in attendance. The first thing that you should know is, a caterer has various elements on there list, such as a buffet, plated dinner, and much more services which vary according to the event. Also, a specialised service may not be a necessity, because at times even a single cater can provide a variety of options to fit your budget.

Before deciding on any of the caters, you should determine your venue as the catering menu and service type are dependant on it. At times your venue provider may recommend or have an association with a catering service, however they may not provide a good enough standard to meet your requirements.
The questions mentioned below will help you to hire the best cater according to your requirements:

  1. The price according to the number of guests that will be in attendance, catering for service, main course, beverage, etc.
  2. Do they have a menu list on the preset budget or can you customise it according to your convenience?
  3. Do they offer tasting sessions for the selected menu? This is the most critical decision as you do not want to get to the big day only to find out the food is of below standard quality. If they do not offer you a tasting session beforehand you should reject there service.
  4. How early do they need bookings? They may promise to cater to your event, but on the off chances, they may not serve you if they have been offered a better contract. Therefore, a prior legitimate booking for your wedding catering in Herefordshire will help you curb last minute nerves.

At times relaxing the budget can be a dime of dozen as you will be free from all your catering worries such as food preparation to the servicing them to the guests. But if you are actually closefisted you can choose to cut the costs. For example, you can hire a marquee catering in Herefordshire , but cut the expenses by setting the self-service buffet plan.


Very nice food and friendly service. This place is a must for anyone interested in history. The Old Court has kept many of its original charming character and was once owned by General John Simcoe – founder of the City of Toronto, Canada in 1792. He is buried in a mausoleum in the nearby church of St Dubricius.
John C


Old Court Hotel & Dining Room
Symonds Yat West,
Herefordshire HR9 6DA

01600 890367



Monday 7.30AM – 11:30PM
Tuesday 7.30AM – 11:30PM
Wednesday 7.30AM – 11:30PM
Thursday 7.30AM – 11:30PM
Friday 7.30AM – 11:30PM
Saturday 7.30AM – 11:30PM
Sunday 7.30AM – 11:30PM