Wedding days are one of the most important events of one’s life. Both the bride and groom have certain expectations from the best day of their life and they want everybody in attendance to enjoy themselves to the fullest. However a certain amount of planning is required for such a momentous occasion. From the venue to the dress, the champagne to the cake, everything is planned and cross-checked again and again, to avoid any type of blunder at the wedding.

But in and amongst the chaos and confusion do not forget to inspect event catering companies that you will be meeting properly. There are many great wedding catering companies in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, but selecting the one that best suits you and your partners needs is the most difficult task of all.

And remember guys, food is one of the most important component of any wedding. A wedding which boasts great food and wonderful catering will remembered fondly for many years. While a bad one may still be cherished just as well, the discussion pertaining to it will may be different. Wedding catering in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire is a booming business and we feel couples will find ample options to choose from.

Questions that’ll help you find the perfect caterer –

  1. Can I have a look at the service list you provide along the catering?

This is the very first question you should ask the caterer when you first meet. It is very important to know what services they will be providing along with the food. Also, don’t forget to ask about the services not included and their extra charges. Plus, remember to note everything down for comparison purposes.

  1. Can you explain in detail about your food preparation process?

This question includes everything, such as where do they source there ingredients, do they use premium ingredients or rely on local or seasonal raw materials. In addition, don’t forget to ask whether they’ll prepare food on the menu or if it will be sourced from outside the venue.

  1. Have you catered on the venue before?

It is very important that the caterer is aware of the location of the wedding venue, as it’s always wise to know the venue before one starts working there. If not, then it’s advisable that the caterer has a thorough inspection of the site before the big day. It would also be a wise idea to ask how many weddings their firm has catered for, as it will give you a better picture of their market standing and potential.


Very nice food and friendly service. This place is a must for anyone interested in history. The Old Court has kept many of its original charming character and was once owned by General John Simcoe – founder of the City of Toronto, Canada in 1792. He is buried in a mausoleum in the nearby church of St Dubricius.
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